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borderline bodysuits

Boisterous Bodysuit (Tall)

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noisy, energetic, and cheerful; rowdy.

Made to feel like a warm hug, this bodysuit is as soft as your favourite pair of stretchy pants, all the while being made from sustainable materials. You are a superhero after-all.

Attention has been paid to the small details from the double fold on the beautiful back straps, to the neckline showing just enough sass to bring you from work to play.

All our bodysuits are made with a built-in stretchy lace thong, which connects to the bodysuit with a clasp at the lower back. Once this clasp is released, you can slide down the stretchy lace thong over your bum, sit on the toilet, and get to business. Gone are the days of awkward crotch clasps and full-frontal bathroom nudity. This piece is definitely commando approved.