Pronounced: Gore E Anna

From a young age and with the early influences of her grandmothers, Yugoslavian-born Gorjana always had a talent for design. Moving across the globe from Europe to Canada, and eventually to the United States – she developed a worldliness beyond her years that only bolstered her natural creativity. Going on to spend several years modeling for Ford Models, one of the largest talent agencies in the country, Gorjana fit seamlessly into the international world of high fashion and knew then that her career would always keep her there.

gorjana & griffin is a socially conscious lifestyle company that makes fashionable, high quality accessories for women and men. The company began in 2004, born from the design and business ambition of husband and wife, Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel, whose bi-coastal residencies have fused a West Coast lifestyle inspiration with the sophistication and polish of East Coast trends into each design and collection.

Equally beach casual and city chic, gorjana & griffin also has deep roots in New York City.

Gorjana is featured in the Reality show “Courtney Loves Dallas” staring Courtney Kerr.

TFT Carries- Jewelry

Sizes- Various