ADD is an exciting line of weightless down-filled jackets based in Milan. Its conception in 1999 started as an ambitious project experimenting with new forms of technological performance in lightness – the key element of this brand’s philosophy. Constructed with great precision, these ultra-weight jackets are both extremely warm and water-resistant. ADD offers you a fashionable alternative in the technical world of quilted jackets.

Fill power is the most frequently used measure of down quality. It involves measurements taken of a one ounce sample of down in a plexiglas cylinder with a weighted piston compressing the down. The test requires controlled temperature, humidity, and preparation of the sample. All other things being equal a parka made with high fill power is lighter and more compressible than an equally warm one made with lower quality down. Fill power is expressed as cubic inches per ounce (c.i/oz) — a lofting power of 400-450 is considered medium quality, 500-550 is considered good, and 600-700 is considered excellent.

Add Jackets– Fill Power is from 720 up to 800

Add Down Composition Ratio – 95/5, meaning they guarantee 95% pure micro down. The Goose Down is from Hungary
FYI – There is no such thing as 100% down

Fur – Raccoon

Water Resistant

Care – Dry Clean Recommended

Temperature – add jackets are guaranteed warmth down to -30 degree weather

TFT Carries- Jackets

Sizes- 0-12