Am I too old to wear distressed denims?

Well, as an almost 58-year-old woman I’ve asked myself that question several times! Would my 26-year-old daughter be mortified that we could possibly be wearing the same jeans!?

I guess my answer to this question is… heck no! Why shouldn’t I wear them?! However, styling my distressed jeans, as a middle-aged woman, will and should differ greatly from my daughter. She would pair her jeans with a crop top or tighter graphic tee whereas on me – NO ONE – should ever have to see that! I like to keep my top and footwear super simple. A quiet, solid colored silk blouse with gold hoop earrings and leather ankle boots makes me feel confident enough to “pull off” wearing distressed denim.

I love the way FRAME denim and J. Brand jeans fit my “I gave birth to two kids” hips. Both brands are super comfortable, never saggy, and always flattering in the “bummage’ area.

Be confident, be stylish, and always be yourself.